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Thabor – Elevation and Discipline I

Thabor (in English Tabor or Thabor)  is a place where elevation and discipline reign. Banalities and lack of seriousness are naturally discouraged.

Naturally? Yes, naturally. In the sense that without needing to always having to drag a person, heavy with earthly thoughts and desires, to elevated things, he is in a situation where it is, in a way, the only thing possible. From a door handle that ennobles a simple closet  to the way the indirect lighting creates a penumbra enveloping a corner with mystery, turning every detail into an occasion for elevation of the mind towards God. In creatures one can see an aspect of God, a principle behind a design and even opens the mind to the possibilities  of  things God could have created, wonders that exist in God’s infinite mind; these wonders that we hope to contemplate in Heaven.  A prayer that really shows this spirit is one that the Heralds of the Gospel, who voluntarily live in a spirit of poverty, when are in need of some material good, end  the request for them with it, adapted from the litany of the saints.

“Cor Sapientiale et Immaculatum Mariae, ut mentes nostras ad caelestia desideria erigas! Te rogamus, audi nos! ”

Even in the most simple situations, pulchrum involves the life of a herald, so that the union with God, Our Blessed Mother, the Choirs of the Angels and the Community of the Saints is always more intense. Everything proportions an opportunity for mystical graces to touch the deepest recesses  of the soul.

The Church after Complines

The Church after Complines

But then why discipline? Doesn’t the soul fly towards these wonders? Is this not the essential part of a holy person”s life?

Certainly. Without elevation man is nothing. We were created to contemplate and glorify God.

But this is precisely why we need discipline.

To be continued…

Thabor – The Heralds of the Gospel’s International Seminary

Tabor at an angle

Tabor at an angle

The classrooms and the courtyard

The classrooms and the courtyard during Christmas

Tabor (Thabor in Portuguese) is the name of the international seminary of the Heralds of the Gospel (The Society of Apostolic life of Pontifical Right Virgo Flos Carmeli).    It comprises the Major Seminary, Minor Seminary,  Church and TV studios of the Heralds of the Gospel.

It is the main place where our future priests  and consecrated receive their formation. In here they will not only study theology, philosophy and other ecclesiastical disciplines, but will formed into holy men. In a life full of prayer and study, guided by discipline and love of perfection they learn to “be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” (Matthew 5:48)”

At the Major Seminary, St. Thomas Aquinas,  the young Heralds study the Church disciplines, always  with a particular love for the  via pulchritudinis. At the minor seminary, young aspirants begin their steps in the religious life with joy, starting from middle school to high school.

The Heralds of the Gospel always strive for the elevation of man to God through beauty and splendour. That is a keynote to Tabor. Everywhere and at all times is the young seminarian/novice surrounded by a an ambiance that elevates him towards contemplation.  In a life full of ceremonials, the young Herald already begins to participate in the joys of the angels and saints in Heaven, feeling the peace God gives when we are in search of Him.

From dinner to Complines

From dinner to Complines

We wanted show you this wonder to let you participate in our joy. If you ever find yourself in São Paulo, Brazil, come visit us!

This is a first post on Tabor and we hope to post more. We’ ll be putting things on the daily life and activities of the Heralds of the Gospel in Thabor and Our Lady of the Rosary Church.

The pictures are all thanks to our seminarians there who run a blog on the seminary. Please visit them!


New group of the Shrine Apostolate coordinated by kids

On January 2, in the celebration of the First Saturday devotion, a new group of the Apostolate of the Shirne was formed. Blessed by the Rev. Fr. Michael Greer, pastor of Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Miami, the group has the particularity that it will be coordinated by kids. This ceremony took place the First Saturday preceding the Missionary Childhood Day celebrated today on the Solemnity of the Epiphany.

For more information on the Apostolate of the Shrine in Miami and general please call 1-305 238 2435. Please visit and click on the top where is says “Shrine”.

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Christmas 2009


In this Year for Priests, proclaimed by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, the Heralds of the Gospel kneeling before the manger, implore the Holy Family to bestow the choicest graces and blessings upon you and your loved ones. May the Peace and Hope of the Eternal and High Priest, be showered upon you each day of the coming year.

Hérauts de l’Évangile


Araldi del Vangelo


Hội  Sứ Giả Tin Mừng

Tiếng Việt

Marian Procession in New Jersey

On the day following the Rosary Rally in Brooklyn, NY, the Heralds brought the Pilgrim Statue of the Immaculate Heart of Mary to the National Blue Army Shrine of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Washington, NJ.

The Marian afternoon in honour of Our Lady of Fatima began with a procession around the shrine’s ground and the recitation of the Rosary.

The chaplain, Fr. Paul Rudge, celebrated Holy Mass for all the participants and  crowned the statue of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Br. Francisco Tobon, a member of the Heralds of the Gospel from Miami, concluded with a talk on the importance of devotion to Mary in our days.

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Rosary Rally

A Rosary Rally, organized by Mary Queen of Heaven parish (Brooklyn, NY) and the Heralds was held for the second consecutive year. For this year’s rally – held during the month of the Rosary,October – the parishioners gathered in front of the church to meditate on the mysteries of the Rosary, followed by a procession through the streets of the neighbourhood, and concluded with Benediction.

Fr. Ilyas Gill celebrated a Mass in the afternoon to conclude this day of prayer.

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