We eventually would like to include a short explanation of the charism of the Heralds in as many languages as possible. If you are willing to help us, please leave a comment.


Herolde des Evangeliums

رابطة مبشرون الإنجيل


De Herauten van het Evangelie

Hérauts de l’Évangile

Az Evangélium Hírnökei

Araldi del Vangelo

복음의 통고자

Arautos do Evangelho

Heralzii Evangheliei

Heraldos del Evangelio

Sừ giả Tin mừng

13 Responses

  1. Hello, my name is Gino Paradela I’m from Cebu, Philippines. I met one of your third order brother and aspirants (Please pray for them too). I wish to purse a vocation as a Herald Lay Brother… I fell in love with your Marian Charism and I wish to be a part of the congregation. How can I become a part of your congregation?

    God Bless…

    Thank you.

    15 de September de 2009 at 23:22

  2. Shalini

    Hello, my name is Shalini from India. I like your magazine Heralds of the Gospel very much. How do i subscribe for this magazine in India? Please help me

    20 de October de 2009 at 3:19

    • Please contact the Heralds locally. thank you.

      20 de October de 2009 at 8:57

  3. Shawn Wong


    I am currently discerning my vocation to the Priesthood and am in contact with my local diocesan seminary in Singapore. If everything is God willing, I should be entering the local seminary in 2011.

    However, I came to discover your beautiful community through 2 Seminarians I came into contact with last Saturday and am interested to discover more.

    I would also like to subscribe to your monthly publication.

    Please keep me informed on how I can discover more.

    God Bless!
    Shawn Wong

    27 de October de 2009 at 4:26

  4. Antoine

    Boa tarde,
    Eu gostaria de ajudar na tradução para a lingua árabe.

    12 de February de 2010 at 11:20

    • Thanks a lot for you offer to help. We will get in touch with you soon.

      14 de February de 2010 at 15:28

  5. Bro. Joaquim Fernandes

    For those of you who would like to receive the Heralds of the Gospel magazine in India, the address would be the following:

    Heralds of the Gospel
    14/1, M.E.G. Officer’s Colony,
    Jai Bharat Nagar,
    Bangalore – 5600033,
    Tel: +919844041446

    28 de February de 2010 at 0:38

  6. mathew almeida

    i m mathew i was in don bosco seminary but from the first day of my call for priesthood i wanted to evangelise and i am too much devoted to the virgin and fond of our lady’s apparition at fatima which builds up my faith i have left don bosco seminary while i was discerning my vocation i am too much interested in evengelisisng i would like to be a herald of the gospel can u give me information about u i m from india goa
    thank u

    21 de April de 2010 at 23:06

  7. Gorretti

    Good Morning.

    I am an indian settled in Canada.We are so devoted to the Statue of Our lady which we get home in canada every year. My brother in law is in India Mumbai and would like to get the statue of Our Lady into his home too. who do we contact in Mumbai for this.

    Please do reply on return.

    best regards
    Gorreti Rego

    29 de April de 2010 at 7:35

    • Heralds of the Gospel
      14/1, M.E.G. Officer’s Colony,
      Jai Bharat Nagar,
      Bangalore – 5600033,
      Tel: +919844041446

      10 de May de 2010 at 19:59


    Thank you for the publication of article of Shrine Rwanda on monthly magazine of the the Heralds of The gospel. It is a large sign of encouragement for all our members to know that the whole world sees and appreciate what we do far far in Rwanda. God bless all editors of Heralds of The gospel magazine.

    15 de July de 2010 at 7:49

  9. Robert Haddad

    Dear Heralds of the Gospel,

    I noticed on your website that you have made 3 visits to Australia. Do you hav eany permanent seat or contacts in Australia?

    God bless,

    Robert Haddad

    23 de December de 2010 at 23:14

  10. thomas antony

    hello its me thomas from south india i am from very many religious family my wish is also to serve our lord that i am doing my b.a English final year and diploma in computer engineering final year when i come across about the HERALDS OF GOSPEL through the search engine i was much inspired that i would like to abide my self in thy esteemed congregation so i request you to send me the India congrigation reside address please i am awaiting for thy response

    30 de January de 2011 at 10:58

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