Thabor – Elevation and Discipline I

Thabor (in English Tabor or Thabor)  is a place where elevation and discipline reign. Banalities and lack of seriousness are naturally discouraged.

Naturally? Yes, naturally. In the sense that without needing to always having to drag a person, heavy with earthly thoughts and desires, to elevated things, he is in a situation where it is, in a way, the only thing possible. From a door handle that ennobles a simple closet  to the way the indirect lighting creates a penumbra enveloping a corner with mystery, turning every detail into an occasion for elevation of the mind towards God. In creatures one can see an aspect of God, a principle behind a design and even opens the mind to the possibilities  of  things God could have created, wonders that exist in God’s infinite mind; these wonders that we hope to contemplate in Heaven.  A prayer that really shows this spirit is one that the Heralds of the Gospel, who voluntarily live in a spirit of poverty, when are in need of some material good, end  the request for them with it, adapted from the litany of the saints.

“Cor Sapientiale et Immaculatum Mariae, ut mentes nostras ad caelestia desideria erigas! Te rogamus, audi nos! ”

Even in the most simple situations, pulchrum involves the life of a herald, so that the union with God, Our Blessed Mother, the Choirs of the Angels and the Community of the Saints is always more intense. Everything proportions an opportunity for mystical graces to touch the deepest recesses  of the soul.

The Church after Complines

The Church after Complines

But then why discipline? Doesn’t the soul fly towards these wonders? Is this not the essential part of a holy person”s life?

Certainly. Without elevation man is nothing. We were created to contemplate and glorify God.

But this is precisely why we need discipline.

To be continued…

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