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The Church is Immaculate and Indefectible

Mons. Sr. João Clá Dias

After each campaign of attacks against her, the Church always emerges stronger and more splendorous than before

Msgr. João Scognamiglio Clá Dias, EP

The barrage of reports which, in recent weeks, has attempted to stain the Catholic Church, using the abuses of children committed by a portion of Catholic priests as a pretext, has reached an inconceivable climax.

Bent on fanning the flames, various agencies of social communication have delved into the past, in search of new allegations involving the Vicar of Christ on Earth, Pope Benedict XVI, in which, however, they have roundly failed.

That there are disordered and unworthy priests, no one can deny; that horrible abuses have been committed, and certainly even in a number greater than recorded, must be acknowledged.

But to use the very grave, yet isolated offences of a minority of clerics to tarnish priests at large, is an injustice. And to employ this as a guise to attempt to overthrow the Church is diabolical.

However, the more the Church is infiltrated by the libertarian, relativistic and neo-pagan
spirit of our age, the more it may be feared that crimes of paedophilia will occur. From this stems the need to implant a rigorous selection system in seminaries, so that only those who do not have a propensity to conspire with the world, but who want to teach the practice of Catholic doctrine in all its purity and to serve as an example may be admitted as candidates to the priesthood.

The present publicity campaign against the Church undermines a truth of which history provides an unequivocal testimony: it was the Catholic Church that freed the world from immorality, and it is because the world is rejecting the Church that it has once again sunk into the mire from which it was rescued.

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