Pilgrimage to Quebec

f2716612The very dynamics of pilgrimages clearly reveals some steps that pilgrims take. They become a paradigm of the whole life of faith; departure reveals the decision of pilgrims to go forward up to the destination and achieve the spiritual objectives of their baptismal vocation; walking leads them to solidarity with their brothers and sisters and to the necessary preparation for the meeting with the Lord; the visit to the Shrine invites them to listen to the Word of God and to sacramental celebration; the return, in the end, reminds them of their mission in the world, as witnesses of salvation and builders of peace.

(From The Pilgrimage in the Great Jubilee, Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People)

Here are some photos of the latest pilgrimage of Heralds of the Gospel in Montreal and Quebec City.The shrines visited were those of the Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, followed by a short passage to the Cathedral Mary Queen of the World, Our Lady of the Cape, Our ​​Lady of the Sacred Heart and St. Anne de Beaupre.

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Celebrating Mary in Kirton – England

On may 13th, the Heralds accompanied the pilgrim statue of the Immaculate Heart of Mary for a solemn procession followed by an evening of prayer in the local parish of Kirton, Lincolnshire (England).

This area is famous for being the port of departure of the Mayflower that transported the English Separatists, better known as the Pilgrims in 1620.

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Press Release – Apostolic Vicariate of San Miguel de Sucumbios

On Wednesday, May 11th in Quito, the administration of the Vicariate had a meeting with Bishop Ángel Polivio Sánchez, Bishop of Guaranda, secretary of the Ecuadorian Episcopal Conference and Pontifical Delegate for the Apostolic Vicariate of San Miguel Sucumbíos. In this meeting the painful economic situation that the Vicariate is in was discussed, and the critical situation of “Radio Sucumbíos, which legally belongs to the Catholic Church in Sucumbíos.
The lack of means to continue to maintain about 20 employees of Radio Sucumbíos that cost just over 12 thousand dollars a month and the lack of income for the radio itself to mantain them have forced a series of administrative measures to be taken. Indeed, in 2010 the Radio ended with a deficit of 27 thousand dollars and a labor lawsuit that has persisted since the previous administration for $ 28 000. And the outlook for 2011 is that there will be 80 thousand dollars of deficit.
The main concern of the administration of the Vicariate was that there was no interruption in the activities of the Radio, given the important role that has always been in favor of the people. And the only way I found to keep running the radio was to promote the reduction of staff, and replacing employees with volunteers.
Consequently, the administration of the Vicariate of Sucumbíos proceeded today to personally hand over a memorandum to dismiss employees of the radio. And despite having been peaceful and calm and after I had expressed in a meeting with them this situacion, they not only have not accepted this provision, but have called a few supporters who have acted illegally to take the radio and proceeded to expel the representatives of the Vicariate with physical attacks and insults.
The procedure the Administration used is the legally established one, since the memos to notify employees, have been signed by the legal representative, Bishop Angel Polivio Sanchez . Wages of April were complete, and were offered a check in settlement until the present date with summary dismissal, with everything according to the law, previously established by the Labour Inspectorate. Yet, employees not only refused to sign the dismissal, but alleged a presumed illegality of the procedure, and even rejected the same checks that were offered.
The Vicariate Administration officials now seek the compliance of the law. The aim of the new administration is to keep the radio with all the social support made through voluntareers, religious and less employees, so as to allow to mantain it from the economic point of view.

Nueva Loja, May 16, 2011

A Pilgrimage to Montreal & Quebec

pilgrim2011webSalve Maria!

The Heralds of the Gospel have the pleasure to invite you to for our 2011 May Pilgrimage to Montreal and Quebec.
We will visit Marie-Reine du Monde, a small reproduction of St Peter’s Basilica in the heart of Montreal, Bl. Kateri Shrine, Old Quebec and its beautiful chapels and Cathedral, St Anne de Beaupré and more.

You will find detailed information in the attached poster.

click here: pilgrimage2011

The Pilgrimage is open to everyone. Children are welcome.

The closing date for reservations is May 12th, 2011. Please hurry up to reserve your place since this time the Bus promises to fill up quickly!

Email for reservations:

Hoping to see you during this beautiful opportunity to pray and receive graces visiting some of the most important Canadian Shrines, and counting on your prayers,

Single: $330
Double: $480
Triple: $660
4 people: $820

Family Day Retreat

Family Day Retreat 2011On Family Day the Heralds of the Gospel promoted a retreat for families at St. James Catholic Church in Oakville, ON.

The talks by Br. Justin Bonyun and Br. Gustavo Kralj were as follow:

– “Discernment of Spirits according to St Ignatius” (Adults)
– “Does God Love me?” (Youth)

-“Grace and Salvation” (Adults)
– “How to choose my rôle models” (Youth)

– “How to choose role models for my family” (Adult)
– “What is the purpose of life?” (Youth)

A Solemn Benediction and Mass was celebrated By Fr. Ryan Murphy, EP., missionary in Sucumbios, Ecuador.

10 years

Heralds of the Gospel: First Charism Approved in the Third Millennium

Pope John Paul II elevated the Heralds of the Gospel to the canonical status of International Association of the Faithful of Pontifical Right. With this, a new charism was recognized by the Church.

Ten years later, the work of the Heralds had grown externally and internally. A deepened understanding of its own charism fostered vigorous developments within the new religious family.

The account of the unfolding of accomplishments and achievements arising after February 22, 2001, under the blessing of this approval, brings to mind the words of Pope Benedict XVI in his recent book, “Light of the World”:

We are witnessing “new Catholic awakenings, a dynamic of new movements, for instance, the Heralds of the Gospel, young people who are seized by the enthusiasm of having acknowledged Christ as the Son of God and of bringing him into the world.

030_20110219_GKIn Canada, the Heralds celebrated the event bringing together friends of the association in the cities of Toronto and Montreal.

Following a homage to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, a solemn mass was celebrated by Fr. Ryan Murphy, EP, missionary in Ecuador, at Our Lady of Sorrows Parish in Toronto and by Fr. François Bandet, EP. at St. Ignatius parish in Montreal.

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Reception of Habit

Here are the photos of the latest reception of habit ceremony of the Heralds of the Gospel.
127 new aspirant and novice members were received.  Please pray for them! It took place in the Our Lady of the Rosary Church in Thabor – St. Thomas Aquinas. 

See previous posts on Thabor .