Christmas 2008

On earth peace to those on whom His favour rests
(Lk 2:14)
Just as they have for more than two thousand years, on this Christmas Eve the heavenly hosts will descend from Heaven to earth celebrating a great event, and filling our hearts amidst joyful songs of praise hailing the birth of the Divine Child Jesus, with that same promise of peace. For, where Jesus is present everything is serenity and peace.
While all around us, the world is immersed in all sorts of upheavals, it is, above all, in our hearts that this promise of peace is fulfilled, if we make of them an abode for the Christ Child.
The Heralds of the Gospel desire that this triumphant peace that only the Son of God could bring into the world, fill your heart with abundance as Our Saviour is reborn in the hands of the celebrant during the Holy Mass of Christmas. And throughout 2009, in which, we desire that the Kingdom of God be built up around each one of us by an overflowing of this peace.

Heralds of the Gospel
Christmas 2008

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