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To impel the beauty of the new evangelization – this is the charism of the Heralds of the Gospel; Its founder, Monsignor João Dias explains.
“The Heralds of the Gospel is a private association of faithful with a very special charism based essentially on three points: the Eucharist, Mary and the Pope.” “Our main goal is to bring back beauty to the face of the earth.” Currently this association of the Catholic Church works in more than 70 countries and plans to expand even more. “We are currently in 78 countries, when we began we were approved by 56 bishops – today there are many more – and now we trying to enter China and Korea; this is what we are trying to achieve.” They are recognized by their characteristic habit that expresses their spirituality: evangelization through beauty. The cowl indicates the life of recollection and the boots their availability to go anywhere. At the centre is the cross of Saint James, stylized with the color white for purity, red for martyrdom, and the rosary, because it is the supreme Marian devotion.


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  1. Danny B

    Salve Maria,

    In reading what Monsignor Joao Dias say about the goal “to bring back beauty to the face of the earth” through the many charisms of the Heralds of the Gospel. One effective and simple way is the Rosary, carried faithfully by the Heralds on their habit.

    I have just recently found out about the Million Kids Praying the Rosary campaign on October 18 2008 and would like to let you
    know that we will be participating here in Toronto, Ontario Canada with the Heralds of the Gospel. and Lumen Veritatis Academy run by the Heralds with approximately 25 students. The news has also been passed around with the help of the Heralds and their companions to various parishes. There will be far more than 20 children participating by the time the news spreads.

    May these prayers of our children rise up to heaven through Our Blessed Mother’s hands to those of her Son our Lord Jesus Christ to bring back beauty to the world in all its forms.

    In Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

    Danny Becevello

    16 de October de 2008 at 22:54

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