In Preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation

Throughout the year the Heralds of the Gospel lent their service to local parishes, youth groups and the Catholic community in general by hosting talks and preparation classes for the Sacraments.
In the pictures below, Br. Gustavo Kralj gives a talk to a group of students preparing for their Confirmation. The talk was about the beauty of sanctity and the horrors of sin.

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  1. Anonymous

    This looks great. Is there a way for the Heralds to do somthing like this in the States? Because this something that we need down here.

    6 de April de 2008 at 22:54

  2. David Bonyun

    What State are we talking about since the Heralds have a couple of houses in the USA already?


    9 de April de 2008 at 22:53

  3. Vincent

    We are in Houston TX and Miami FL

    24 de May de 2008 at 21:40

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